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WHAT IS TELEHEALTH? (Also referred to as Telemedicine, Teletherapy or Telepsychiatry). Telehealth is a form of video conferencing allowing therapists to provide services to patients outside of the office, for example at the patient’s home or workplace. It also provides the opportunity for consultation with family members, teachers and other providers involved in the patient’s care. Surveyed patients participating in telemedicine say they are very satisfied with the care they are receiving and that they feel telemedicine is a reliable form of practice. In addition, they find that they are able to keep their appointments on a more regular basis.

While I had primarily been an in-person therapist and trainer, in March 2020, that was no longer an option.  For how long?? Who knew?  How could I support clients in the meantime?

I talked individually with my clients, (already anxious as we all were about adapting to this new normal, let alone wondering would we feel connected in a virtual setting), adopted Simple Practice Electronic Health Record (EHP) and assured them all they needed to do was click on the link I sent them. 

To my delight, ALL of my clients LOVED the ability to connect to the same services without leaving the comfort of their home!

For YOUR appointment, you will need to have access to a private place and a computer/tablet/smart phone with a camera and high- speed internet connection. All you have to do is be on your device and logged on at the time of your appointment. Simple Practice encrypts all forms of data, including video and audio, is secure and HIPAA Compliant.

I know that it can be hard to fit appointments into your daily life. Leaving home when you are managing mental health symptoms, or even just finding time to commute regularly to an in-person appointment can be difficult. Mental health services should be easy and accessible, which is why offering mental health services online has been an unexpected gift to my clients!  NECESSITY TRULY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION!

When you make a telehealth appointment with a me, you can rest easy knowing that your session is secure and effective. You will receive the same services as you experienced in person.  I use Simple Practice, a secure technology to keep your personal health information private. All telehealth appointments are subject to the same strict HIPAA standards as in-person sessions.

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therapist expectations

“Kate is incredibly knowledgeable on a wide variety of behavioral and mental health topics. This, in combination with her warmth and professionalism, makes her a highly effective therapist.”

                                                                                                          ~ Rachel Meffe, LISW
                                         Past President of the Ohio School Social Work Association 
                                  School Social Worker at Cuyahoga Heights, OH School District

“Kate has a talent for bringing bright and passionate people together for a good cause.  She is a forward thinker who has an amazing work ethic. She is knowledgeable about her field and is always looking to expand her expertise to be able to provide services to all in need of mental health.”

                                                                                                          ~ Nicole Stacey, LISW
                                            Ohio Department of Education Credential Review Board

“Kathleen is an extraordinary individual with the finest skills as a social worker I have ever seen. She is professional, compassionate, and highly competent with people of all ages. She has become a responsible and respected manager and leader, grant writer and service provider.
It would be an honor to work with her again if that opportunity would arise.”
                                                                          ~ Janice J. Montgomery, B.S, M.Ed, HCH
                                Director of Student Services at Verde Valley Montessori School

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