"I have found a warm and friendly community at Trust Your Heart.  Kate Usaj has provided an incredibly supportive environment, rich with practical applications in furthering an individual's psycho-spiritual progress.  The "come as you are" attitude of Debbie's Women's Wisdom Knitting Circle keeps me looking forward to Sunday mornings all throughout the week.  My quality of life has been significantly impacted by the tidbits the women in the knitting group share about their own lives, their unique perspectives, and the things that bring them joy.  Plus knitting patterns, delicious herbal teas, and impromptu seed exchanges!  I find myself coming home week after week and Googling what someone has shared regarding self-care and then percolating it into my own daily practice.  And I feel valued when I have something to share as well.  I have a great deal of gratitude for this space and I honor it by carrying its medicine out into the world when I leave, sharing what I've learned with friends back home (I drive nearly an hour to get there and it is WORTH IT).  I cannot recommend Trust Your Heart enough for anyone seeking a space to thrive and grow!"

~ Hollace Yeary

"Kathleen Usaj came to our studio and facilitated a parent workshop and a staff training for my teachers are our dance studio.

She was very organized and knowledgable in the planning stages before the workshops.  She was so easy to talk to and made myself and my staff feel very comfortable.  Our staff training was so informative and she provided many great resources.  We are so looking forward to working with her again on another staff training.

Kathleen's ability to convey messages of understanding in our parent workshop were just what we needed.  Our families were receptive to her support and we were all very clear on her ideas and guidance.  We really enjoyed the part of the workshop were we all got up on our feet.  We are certainly going to look forward to another parent workshop with Kate!

Thank you !"

Hayley Schmidt/ Director/Owner Creative Movement Center www.creativemovementcenter.com

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