I teach social workers exactly how to create a six-figure practice that lets them live their life on their terms.

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After spending 25 years as a social worker leader who practiced in schools, agencies, universities and at an integrative medicine department at a major global hospital…

Opening my own offices while still working at the hospital and successfully providing workshops and in person supervision groups to social workers…

Only to shut down after two years due to the pandemic and being sent home by the hospital to work in isolation with no support…


I knew I was through with being the overworked and underpaid
`good employee.’

 While working from home, I got calls from clients and disturbingly MANY social workers asking for therapy services, but it was clear what social workers REALLY needed was good supervision.

I started my first virtual group in Fall 2020 and by March 1, 2023, I quit my job at the fancy hospital and was working two-days a week earning a six figure income, primarily providing holistic and existential supervision to social workers to become confident and competent leaders.

So, I am on a mission to teach, as many social workers as I can, my proven, step-by-step program to building a life-style career after they are independently licensed, make a much bigger impact with their work, and get paid what they deserve ~ Intentional Career by Design.

My Expertise:

Teaching social workers how to build a simplified, meaningful life-style business, shift their mindset, work less hours, and increase their income while working their current job, leaving burnout behind.

Who I Work With:

Social workers who are open to coaching, feedback, and support, who want to move themselves and their careers into a healthier new direction.

This includes:

👉🏻 Independently licensed social workers
👉🏼 Clinical social workers
👉🏽  Experienced social workers who are coming with a beginner’s mind and yearning to build a career on their own terms

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How To Create a Six-Figure Practice Working Two Days a Week, Leaving the Daily Grind and Burnout in the Rear View Mirror

I’ve made a free 30-minute video where I teach social workers a step-by-step how to program to build their life-style business working less clinical hours, manifesting more revenue, and leaving the insurance rat race in the dust.

Watch the free 30-minute video where I will teach you how to create a life-style business working two days a week, making a
greater impact and immensely increasing your earning potential.
I’ve done it and can’t wait to show you how you can too!

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