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I provide training supervision and help Ohio LSWs learn the art and science of social work practice and how to intentionally build a career THEY design.


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After 30 years in social work practice in schools, agencies, and an international hospital system, I was sent home to work virtually in 2020 during the pandemic.

I had little support, but had developed daily mindfulness practices that allowed me adapt and thrive. I began to get calls from new social  workers for therapy. I realized they did not need therapy, they needed good supervision.

I had supervised graduate interns for my entire career, but was there a need for LSW supervision? Why was that not happening in the workplace? I decided I would make the shift from employee to CEO, built my own virtual business while working full time from home and retired from the hospital just short of the year they sent me home.

Since Fall of 2020, I have supervised 80 social workers for over 1500
hours of group supervision. And the stories I have heard are shocking. The lack of support and burnout for social workers in the workplace is astounding.

There are two types of social workers out there - ones whose career happens to them, and others who intentionally create a Career by Design. That starts with good supervision.

The difference between a career you love and a career you hate is creating it from the right foundations. Supervision with an
experienced, supportive supervisor/mentor will help YOU craft the career of your dreams, so you will never be broke, burned out and
saddled with school loans like so many people in our profession.

My Expertise  

Thirty years of experience as a social work leader, practitioner and supervisor helping fellow social workers learn their craft and increase their income.


Who I Help?

Social workers who have the ability to make a big difference in peoples' life, are coachable and willing to come with a beginners mind to move from an Employee to CEO mindset.


 Get started today to claim your confidence, step away from the burnout and the grind and learn skills and personal practices to take you to the next professional and income level.


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Does your Current Supervisor/Mentor have

30 years in the field of Social Work?


Have they….




• Schools
• Agencies
• In-home mental healthcare
• Major hospital system in integrative medicine
• Complimentary healing practices

• Grad schools



• Court systems 
• Police departments
• Family and Children First Councils



• Graduate interns for 30 years
• 70 LSW Supervisees for over 1100 group supervision hours since Fall 2020



• A founding member of the Ohio School Social Workers Association
• Recognized by that organization with a Visionary Award at Annual Conference
• A CEU provider


• Written grants
• Managed federal grant projects
• Trained agency, school and county personnel

• A private practice and supervises 30+ LSWs a week
• Served on numerous boards


• Comes with a beginner’s mind
• Has a wicked sense of humor 
• Personally uses every practice she will teach you 
• Will show you how YOU can gain the confidence to tell people what YOU KNOW 


• Be your advocate and mentor
• Train you in polyvagal and mindfulness practices to live a centered, joyful, balanced life
• Link you with potential jobs in your chosen field of social workers
• Support you in starting your business or moving up in your organization
• Teach you to increase your income with different practice models
• Connect you with those whose talents you need to succeed

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