Feb 06, 2023

Do you know that the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapy Board is working on an inter-state compact, like the compact Ohio Psychologists have? That Ohio Counselors already have their compact bill through the State House and it is in the Ohio Senate?  What will that mean for social workers who have their LISW?  

That, my friends, means that the doors will soon open and we will be able to apply to the compact to PRACTICE ACROSS STATES!  This has significant meaning in growing the business of your dreams!  

Independent licensure is more important than ever, not only for professional development and creating the career of your dreams, but also to ELIMINATE BURNOUT.  To be present for your clients, you must be emotionally regulated as a therapist.  I am increasing the number of supervision groups I hold to accommodate the expansion of professional social workers, supported by cohorts of likeminded, abundance and manifestation savvy social worker professionals!

I was astounded at the number of calls I received in 2020 from social workers looking for support.  I knew I had to offer supervision groups so licensed social workers had the support they needed to get their independent license.   If learning how to practice from an existential, holistic and mindful lens interests you so you go to work EXCITED every day, you are invited to join us!  Those with a beginners mind need only apply! 

Contact me at kateusaj.com.  

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