Sep 23, 2021

Good question.  I can tell you about my experience and the experiences of hundreds of clients who have used the tools and reported a decrease in their suffering in this lifetime.   I will share the tools in these next blogs/newsletters.  If you embrace them and set your intention to create a life of joy, you will manifest that.  However, be assured, the tools do not `work’.  YOU either work or notJ   You may also have some crazy karma to be resolved here this time around that is stubbornly crystalized in your energy matrix (if I lose you in the wooo hooo and you are willing to come with a beginners’ mind, feel free to contact me for some sessions). 

This is your journey.  Only you have the responsibility and the ability to create it.  Are you ready to dive deep, let go of the issues with your parents, any horrific trauma you have experienced and believe you can heal your mind/body/spirit?   I know you can.  Your I Am knows you can. That is your higher self, the part of you that has kept you reading this far.  By the way, we all experience pain here. If you think THAT will change, you are sorely mistaken.  Suffering?  We create that and can release those instances of being mired in it – but we must step out of our victim triangle.

Oh YEH – one thing you can bet on in this lifetime is pain. It takes all forms, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Our bodies are hardwired for survivals here and we resist any pain we experience.  This resistance keeps us from the understanding that we have the power to reduce the quality of our pain. This planet may just present us the best opportunities to evolve as spiritual beings.  Yes, my knowing is that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience making the rest of my time here significantly more grace filled. Embrace that there are no mistakes, only lessons and you are on your way to release resistance to life.

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