The Idea

Nov 26, 2021

Have you ever had an IDEA that is born out of your education, experience, knowing and calling?  And then you shut it down.  Do you tell yourself that you are working full time, you have a family, can’t focus, are overwhelmed, anxious and depressed, can’t possibly find a way to bring that idea into reality?

Our words and thoughts are extremely powerful energy. They create our entire life experience.  So, when you have an idea, aka DIVINE INSPIRATION, what would change in your life if you wrote it down and trusted that the universe will support you in the manifestation of that idea?

Once you make the energetic shift to trust you can release past traumatic experiences, let go of that old story and manifest your idea (that or something better for your greatest and highest good), you CREATE your reality!

So, I have made the shift, the leap into trust and intuition.  I am expanding my small, individual practice, TRUST YOUR HEART ~ A PLACE FOR HEALING, into fully furnished therapy and workshop offices to build a heart centered practice group to serve those ready to transform their lives!

If you are an independent healing practitioner ready to expand your practice into beautiful, new, fully furnished space, I look forward to sharing my IDEA! If you are someone searching for a counselor or other healing practitioner to support your transformation, look forward to connecting with you in 2018!

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