Sep 30, 2021

Just try to stop thinking about how somebody wronged you, you should have a better job/car/house, that your adult children are disrespectful.  If you can’t and your mind keeps returning to slights and confusion, you, my friend, are in the middle of the asleep human experience of being in the Victim Triangle.  And if you choose not to practice mindfulness activities, you are just loving being that victim. 

The experience in this body is time limited.  What would your experience be like here if you understood the world is like a giant smorgasbord (think Las Vegas Buffets J).   If we move into awareness of our consciousness/higher self, we understand we can choose to manifest any experience and do whatever we want.   We also understand we create our suffering ONLY BY WHAT MEANING WE CHOOSE TO ASSIGN TO OUR PAINFUL EXPERIENCES,  GRASPING ONTO THE CONFINES OF OUR VICTIM TRIANGLE.

I am a western woman with a job and a credit card.  I can choose to show up at work tomorrow and be of service to my clients, holding sacred space for them to do their healing, watch my grandchildren, go swimming with friends.   Or, I can get some crack and smoke it, drink a bottle of wine, go out and wildly dance Friday night or I can leave for Tuscany.  Letting go of longing that I cannot do everything in this lifetime without experiencing immediate unpleasant outcomes from lessons I learn is stepping out of the victim role.  Our brain has neuroplasticity. The good news is that we can initiate mindfulness practices that MRI research proves changes our brain and is correlated with decrease in anxiety, depression and increase in overall reported well-being.

Boohoo – I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  Bulls---.  I can do whatever I want.  The charge is to recognize that my mind is a thought generating machine and it is my responsibility to make it useful to me.  Knowing I am not my mind and not my body leads me to understand that judgmental, victim thoughts are just part of the mind/computer.  My I AM is supporting, loving and calming.  It uses my mind to manifest my entire life experience, releasing all expectations.  I set my intention and then state `that or something better for my greatest and highest good.’  It always works out.

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